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Organize, manage and control the team building activities within your company. And all this from one convenient platform.

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All your team building activities
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Create order

Everything you need is contained in one clearly structured system, from your company’s team building offer to quotations and invoices. We put an end to the haggling between dozens of suppliers.

Stay in control

Set budget limits, determine which team building activities can be organized and follow up those booked. Nothing escapes your attention anymore.

Save time & money

Time is money. Funkey takes the time-consuming organization of team building off your hands and adds a large dose of experience and expertise. Result: faster, cheaper and better-organized teambuildings.


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All features at a glance

Manage and track your budgets

With Funkey Bizz you can set a budget per employee/department.
We make sure that this budget is not exceeded. No budget restrictions in your company? No problem, Funkey Bizz just shows how much has already been used.

An offer tailored to your company

You and your colleagues can choose from hundreds of unique teambuilding experiences through Funkey Bizz — all checked for quality. Is an activity too expensive or too dangerous? You can remove it from the offer at the push of a button. It can no longer be booked.

Every team building activity organized by professionals

Activities booked through Funkey Bizz are organized entirely by Funkey. Your employees choose the team building activity, and we see to the right location, catering, transport and even accommodation.

A single point of contact for all your team building needs

To make things even easier for you as an Funkey Bizz client, we always assign one dedicated account manager to your account. This single point of contact helps you with all your questions about Funkey Bizz and with the organization of team building activities.

White label and SSO support

As a company you can offer Funkey Bizz as a full-fledged internal tool. As such we enable you to adapt the colours and design of Funkey Bizz to your company’s house style.

Furthermore, employees do not need to create a separate account on Funkey Bizz. They can log in directly through their company account (Single Sign-On).

Exclusive discounts for Funkey Bizz customers

As an Funkey Bizz customer, you get a voucher for every activity booked that you could use as a discount the following year. So the more you book, the cheaper the activities become!


Calculate your savings

A Funkey Bizz subscription is an investment that pays for itself: because we don’t charge any service costs to Funkey Bizz clients, you’ll save hundreds or even thousands of euros each year!

Calculate your savings with our calculator. Enter the number of employees in your company and how many teambuildings per employee are organised a year. The calculator will tell you how much Funkey Bizz will save you.

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Customer reviews
4.8 out of 5